Pinball Illusions

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How to play Pinball Illusions

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Pinball Illusions Description

Pinball Illusions is an Commodore Amiga and MS-DOS computer game from 1995 developed by Digital Illusions CE, as a sequel of Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Dreams. The original Amiga release featured three tables - the PC CD version added a fourth, 'The Vikings' (this was written for the Amiga version but not considered good enough for inclusion). This was the first version of the series to feature more than 1 ball in play at a time (known as 'multiball'), and the first to be released for AGA based Amigas. The game also marks it's nationality as a Swedish product in The Vikings table (at the top left corner)

Pinball Illusions - additional information

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