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How to play Pirates!

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Pirates! Description

The original 1987 version made by MicroProse was widely ported from the original Commodore 64 version. It was ported to the Amiga (1990), Apple II (1987), Atari ST (1989), Macintosh (1988?), Amstrad CPC (1988), Nintendo Entertainment System (1991) and as a PC booter (1987).

The Amiga, Atari ST, and PC versions featured a copy protection scheme requiring the player to identify the first privateer ship they encountered by their flag. The Commodore 64 version also used copy protection, albeit in a different form. The Amiga and Atari ST versions featured the best graphics and audio of any of the 1987 versions.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Pirates!

Treasure Fleet Silver Train
1560 1560
Cumana-Oct.-early Cumana-Apr.-early
Puerto Cabello-Oct.-late Borburata-Apr.-late
Maracaibo-Nov.-early Puerto Cabello-May.-early
Rio de la Hacha-Nov.-late Coro-May.-late
Nombre de Dios-Dec.-early Gibraltar-Jun.-early
Cartagena-Dec.-late Maracaibo-Jun.-late
Campeche-Jan.-late Rio de la Hacha-Jul.-early
Vera Cruz-Feb.-early Santa Marta-Jul.-late
Havana-Mar.-early Cartagena-Aug.-early
Santiago-Mar.-late Panama-Aug.-late
Florida Channel-Apr.-late Nombre de Dios-Oct.-early
1600 1600
Cumana-Oct.-early St.Thome-Apr.-early
Caracas-Oct.-late Cumana-Apr.-late
Maracaibo-Nov.-early Caracas-May.-early
Rio de la Hacha-Nov.-late Puerto Cabello-May.-late
Santa Marta-Dec.-early Coro-Jun.-early
Puerto Bello-Dec.-late Gibraltar-Jun.-late
Cartagena-Jan.-early Maracaibo-Jul.-early
Campeche-Feb.-early Rio de la Hacha-Jul.-late
Vera Cruz-Feb.-late Santa Marta-Aug.-early
Havana-Mar.-late Cartagena-Aug.-late
Florida Channel-Apr.-late Panama-Sep.-early
1620 1620
Caracas-Sep.-early St.Thome-Mar.-early
Maracaibo-Sep.-late Cumana-Mar.-late
Rio de la Hacha-Oct.-early Caracas-Apr.-early
Santa Marta-Oct.-late Puerto Cabello-Apr.-late
Puerto Bello-Nov.-early Gibraltar-May.-early
Cartagena-Dec.-early Maracaibo-May.-late
Campeche-Jan.-early Rio de la Hacha-Jun.-early
Vera Cruz-Jan.-late Santa Marta-Jun.-late
Havana-Feb.-late Cartagena-Jul.-early
Florida Channel-Mar.-late Panama-Jul.-late
Puerto Bello-Aug.-early
1640 1640
Caracas-Oct.-early Cumana-Apr.-early
Maracaibo-Oct.-late Caracas-Apr.-late
Rio de la Hacha-Nov.-early Gibraltar-May.-early
Santa Marta-Nov.-late Maracaibo-May.-late
Puerto Bello-Dec.-early Rio de la Hacha-Jun.-early
Cartagena-Jan.-early Santa Marta-Jul.-early
Campeche-Feb.-early Cartagena-Jul.-late
Vera Cruz-Feb.-late Panama-Aug.-late
Havana-Mar.-late Puerto Bello-Oct.-early
Florida Channel-Apr.-late
1660 1660
Caracas-Sep.-early Cumana-Mar.-early
Maracaibo-Sep.-late Caracas-Mar.-late
Rio de la Hacha-Oct.-early Gibraltar-Apr.-early
Santa Marta-Oct.-late Maracaibo-Apr.-late
Puerto Bello-Nov.-early Rio de la Hacha-May.-early
Cartagena-Dec.-early Santa Marta-Jun.-early
Campeche-Jan.-early Cartagena-Jun.-late
Vera Cruz-Jan.-late Panama-Jul.-late
Havana-Feb.-late Puerto Bello-Sep.-early
Florida Channel-Mar.-late
1680 1680
Caracas-Oct.-early Cumana-Apr.-early
Rio de la Hacha-Oct.-late Caracas-Apr.-late
Santa Marta-Nov.-early Maracaibo-May.-late
Puerto Bello-Nov.-late Rio de la Hacha-Jun.-late
Cartagena-Dec.-late Santa Marta-Jul.-early
Campeche-Jan.-late Cartagena-Jul.-late
Vera Cruz-Feb.-early Panama-Aug.-late
Havana-Mar.-early Puerto Bello-Oct.-early
Florida Channel-Apr.-late

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