Ports of Call

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How to play Ports of Call

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Ports of Call Description

Ports of Call is a computer game of the genre economic simulation . It was the company Aegis Interactive Software 1987 Amiga 500/600 ( OCS / ECS ) and 1990 for IBM PC released the Amiga version was graphically and sonically superior, according to the still rather limited multimedia capabilities of PCs. In a new version (XXL), the game is now to play on the PC in a contemporary graphics, among other things, port entrances and exits in 3D. Meanwhile the game for Android and iOS devices is available.

The player is the owner of a shipping company and buying at the beginning of the game a number of vessels to transport goods across the oceans. It is important not just a lucky hand when trading and the election of the freighter, but also a bit of skill because the player has his ship often maneuver itself into the destination port and thereby control the speed and course. Sometimes you have but also move your ship by reefs or the like. The graphic is quite simple and takes place in the plan view. There is also a weather system by which one can find oneself in a storm at sea. Also, the entry into ports of the trouble spots in the world carries high risks as pirates and infectious diseases.

If you make it that the shipping company successfully in the black, you have the opportunity to buy high-tech ships.

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