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Silverball is a 1993 pinball computer game developed by Digital Extremes and Epic MegaGames and published by Microleague. It is basically a set of Epic Pinball tables distributed through retail. Silverball was the first set of pinball games created by James Schmalz and paved the way for the development of Epic Pinball.

"Snooker Champ"

These tables do not appear in Epic Pinball.

The shareware version included the Fantasy table and nonplayable versions of Blood, Snooker Champ and Odyssey in which the plunger does not work.

There are also three tables which appear only in some versions or can be added into other versions by copying and/or editing the game files:

"Warbot" - this table is the same as the Epic Pinball table "Excalibur"
"Duel" - this table is almost the same as the Epic Pinball table "Magic"
"Nova" - this table is unique to Silverball (but uses the same music as "Space Journey" from Epic Pinball).


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Game year: 
MicroLeague Multimedia, Inc.
Developed by: 
Digital Extremes, Inc.
Silverball Cover Art DOS

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