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How to play Starglider

  • Launch the game and select your mission.
  • Use the joystick or keyboard to control your fighter jet.
  • Navigate through different environments, avoiding obstacles and enemy fire.
  • Engage in aerial combat with enemy ships using your onboard weapons.
  • Monitor your fuel and ammo levels, replenishing them as needed by flying over supply points.
  • Destroy the Egron mother ships to complete your mission and save Novenia.

Starglider Description

Starglider is an action-packed simulation game released in 1987 for DOS, taking players into a futuristic aerial combat experience. Developed by Argonaut Software and published by Rainbird, Starglider places you in the cockpit of a high-tech fighter jet in a desperate struggle to defend your home planet, Novenia, from the alien Egron invaders.

The game stands out with its impressive 3D graphics and smooth animation, immersing you in a fully realized, dynamic world. Your mission in Starglider is to destroy the Egron mother ships by navigating through various terrains, engaging in dogfights with enemy fighters, and managing your resources strategically. The gameplay requires both quick reflexes and tactical planning, ensuring a thrilling experience every time you play.

Starglider's innovative first-person perspective and complex flight mechanics were groundbreaking for its time, offering a level of realism and engagement that set it apart from other games in the action simulation genre. With its compelling storyline, challenging missions, and immersive environment, Starglider remains a memorable classic for DOS gaming enthusiasts.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Starglider

Master the controls in practice mode to improve your flying and combat skills. Keep an eye on your radar to track enemy movements and plan your attacks. Conserve your ammo by taking precise shots rather than spraying bullets. Utilize evasive maneuvers to dodge enemy fire and outmaneuver opponents. Fly close to the ground when low on fuel to quickly access supply points.

Starglider - additional information

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Starglider: The Classic 1987 DOS Game

Released in 1987 by Argonaut Software, Starglider stands as a monumental title in the history of DOS games. Combining innovative graphics with immersive gameplay, it set a benchmark for future 3D space shooters. In this article, we’ll delve into the various aspects that made Starglider a beloved classic, from its groundbreaking features to its enduring legacy.

The Genesis of Starglider

Starglider was developed by Argonaut Software, a British video game developer founded by Jez San. The game was initially released for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga before being ported to DOS. It was inspired by classic arcade shooters and sought to bring a more sophisticated 3D experience to home computers. The game’s success was bolstered by its innovative use of wireframe graphics, a precursor to the more detailed polygonal graphics that would become standard in later years.

Gameplay and Mechanics

At its core, Starglider is a first-person space combat simulator. Players take on the role of a pilot in the Egron Space Force, tasked with defending their planet from the evil forces of the Novenian Empire. The game features an open-world environment, allowing players to navigate freely through space and engage in combat with enemy ships.

Key Features of Starglider Gameplay:

  • 3D Wireframe Graphics: One of the most striking features of Starglider was its use of 3D wireframe graphics. This was a significant advancement at the time, providing a sense of depth and realism that was rare in games of that era.
  • Open World Navigation: Unlike many contemporary games that restricted movement to predefined paths, Starglider allowed players to explore a vast, open world. This freedom of movement was a key factor in the game’s appeal.
  • Engaging Combat Mechanics: Players had to master the art of dogfighting in space, using a variety of weapons to take down enemy ships. The game also included strategic elements, such as managing fuel and ammunition.
  • Dynamic Soundtrack: The game's audio, composed by Dave Lowe, dynamically responded to the player's actions, enhancing the immersive experience.

Plot and Objectives

In Starglider, players embark on a mission to save their planet from the Novenian forces. The storyline, while straightforward, is compelling enough to keep players engaged. The primary objective is to destroy enemy installations and ships while navigating through a series of increasingly challenging levels. The game’s non-linear structure allows players to approach missions in various ways, adding to its replayability.

Graphics and Sound

While the 3D wireframe graphics might seem primitive by today’s standards, they were revolutionary in 1987. The sense of immersion they provided was unparalleled at the time. The dynamic soundtrack, which adjusted based on the player's actions, was another standout feature, adding depth to the overall experience.

Cultural Impact and Legacy

Starglider was not just a game; it was a pioneer in the 3D space shooter genre. Its success paved the way for future titles like Elite and Wing Commander. The game’s innovative use of graphics and open-world mechanics influenced many developers and left a lasting impact on the industry.

Similar Games to Starglider

For enthusiasts looking to explore games similar to Starglider, here are a few recommendations:

  • Elite (1984): Another pioneering space trading and combat simulator that offered a vast open-world experience.
  • Wing Commander (1990): Known for its cinematic storytelling and complex space combat mechanics.
  • X-Wing (1993): A beloved Star Wars space combat simulator that built upon the foundations laid by earlier games like Starglider.
  • Descent (1995): A 3D first-person shooter with six degrees of freedom, offering intense space combat in confined environments.

Starglider remains a significant milestone in the evolution of video games. Its innovative graphics, engaging gameplay, and pioneering spirit continue to be celebrated by retro gaming enthusiasts. Whether you’re revisiting this classic or experiencing it for the first time, Starglider offers a glimpse into the early days of 3D gaming and the foundations upon which modern space shooters are built.


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