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How to play Unreal

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Unreal Description

The game combined two different gameplay genres. Both Galaxy Force and Rastan Saga were infpirations for the game.

In five of the chapters, the player (as Artaban) guides Dracus as they fly over a natural landscape (forests, river canyons, glaciers or seas of lava). The gameplay of those levels are of a 3d scrolling shooters, the view being from behind Dracus. The player must avoid obstacles (like trees or spires of rock) and adversaries that come from the distance. Dracus fires fireballs that can destroy some of the monsters or parts of the scenery.

Dracus can fire more and stronger fireballs, when the player collects power-ups that appear on the ground. The player can attain 12 levels of firepower, but whenever the player crashes on the scenery, Dracus loses a level. Other bonuses include restoration of health and some limited invincibility.

The other parts of the game are of the platform arcade-adventure genre. The player guides Artabon on foot traversing forests, swamps and castles. He encounters adversaries which can be killed with the sword. The sword gives some limited interaction with the environment: and can be "charged" by touching fire found at some points of the levels; there are also some kinds of spells that give Artabon the power to hurl water or fireballs with the sword. The sword also is used for some puzzles.

The player has 100 health points. In the beginning of each level, the player is awarded 50 lost health points. There is also the option to save the game in 3 available slots.

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