Veil of Darkness

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Veil of Darkness is a Horror-Action-Adventure for the PC, which was developed by Event Horizon Software and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. in 1993. Veil of Darkness featured an isometric point of view, and an inventory system. The player moved around in a dark valley, solving puzzles and occasionally killing monsters like werewolfs, vampires and skeletons. Although VoD lacked a skill system, it can be regarded as one of the spiritual ancestors of popular action RPGs like Diablo or Sacred.

With its intriguing horror atmosphere, well designed puzzles and fast action, Veil of Darkness undoubtedly is an excellent, yet forgotten icon of the gaming past.

Event Horizon Software has ceased to exist as a company long ago. The company seems to have developed only two other games: The Summoning and Dusk of the Gods.

Strategic Simulations, Inc. was bought by Ubisoft Entertainment in 2004. So the rights for Veil of Darkness now lay probably there.


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