Whales Voyage

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Whale's Voyage is a science fiction role-playing game and also play in the future. The scene is one of the six planets existing Lapis, Aroboris, Castra, Sky Boulevard, Nedax and Ionoid solar system .

The players created at the beginning of a four-character group of persons (party). The player sets to gebräuchlichem pattern appearance and character traits and special abilities of a character. Then the actual game starts. The player is aboard his starship, the eponymous Whale, which located in the orbit is of Castra. This shows already that Whale's Voyage is not conventional RPG, because on board the spaceship makes the game a trading simulation in the kind of elite is, in which the player can earn by transporting goods money. This money uses the player to upgrade his spaceship, which in turn benefits the further commercial efforts, as the player is so against attacking Space pirates can defend. The battles with the pirates are in a turn-based tactical simulation fought.

The actual role play part begins when the player teleports his party on a planet's surface. There he meets soon on computer-controlled characters , which offer him money to various jobs. So the player should, for example, on behalf of a trader bring an artificial heart by Lapis or help a citizen of Aroboris looking for her house key. After fulfilling orders wait character upgrades to the party.

Another game section appears once the player has equipped its Whale with a daughter-spaceplane. With this flyer, it is possible to explore the surface of the planet. Here, the slider is similar to a shoot'em up controlled.

Although the game sections are different, they are always joined by the player is instructed, for example, to transport merchandise to other planets. Overall, Whale's Voyage presented therefore represent a rather innovative and varied RPG, which also offered an unusual Space scenario.


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Whales Voyage - Cover Art DOS

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