Forever Growing Garden

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How to play Forever Growing Garden

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Forever Growing Garden Description

Forever Growing Garden, is an educational video game developed by Communication Wave and published by Media Vision in 1993. The game has a simple interface for easy seeding, watering and growing of plants for three different locations. Also the game was programmed so that the growing process could continuously occur even when the computer was off.

The player does botany in the game first by going from a gardening shop to get some seeds. Some of the plants in the game are entirely fictional, but fun to grow. Each seed type can be planted in an open hole in the ground, then watered with a watering can. The player may choose the time settings for plants to grown from realistic timing (1 day per growing stage) to very fast timing (1 second per growing stage). Plants can also be removed with the trowel tool. There is also a minigame to catch a gopher and avoid the skunk. Finally the player save the garden and create a new one at any time.

There three scenes where the player can grow plants. The first scene is a Suburban Home, where flowers can be grown and when fully bloomed can be cut with the shears tool and taken to the Flower Shop to be neatly arranged in a jar. The second scene is a Farming Field, where vegetables and a few flowers can be grown. When the vegetables are ripe they can be harvested and taken to the Market to be weighed and sold. The third scene is a Medieval Castle, where flower rows and bushes can be grown. When the bushes are fully grown, they can be cut into interesting shapes with the shears tool.

Forever Growing Garden - additional information

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"Le Jardin Enchanté" -- French title
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