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How to play Outpost

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Outpost Description

Outpost is a video game developed and published by Sierra On-Line. The game was noteworthy for having a hard science fiction approach, without standard science fiction technologies like faster than light travel, force fields, cloaking devices or teleports. Outpost was developed with input from a NASA scientist, to verify technical details of gameplay features. It was followed by a loosely related sequel, Outpost 2.

A massive asteroid named Vulcan's Hammer is detected to be on a collision course with Earth, and all attempts to divert it from this path have failed. The last attempt, firing a large nuclear warhead at the asteroid, actually ended up splitting it not into five chunks as humanity hoped, but rather two asteroids. Now, instead of simply wiping out nearly all life on Earth's surface, Earth will actually be destroyed.

Extinction is not an option, and so a mission is organized to create a colony on a world elsewhere in the galaxy as the last hope for mankind's survival. The player is in charge of that mission.

Gameplay starts with the player choosing what equipment they choose to bring to the colony and choosing a site for the future colony. Once this is done, gameplay shifts to the colony screen, where the player can organise research and other day-to-day colony tasks.

The colonists land on the planet of the user's choice, where they must build many different buildings to keep Earth's colonists alive. A hostile rebel colony attempts to become the dominant faction in the game. Although there is no battle in Outpost, there are battle units in Outpost 2.

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