Fantastic Dizzy

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Fantastic Dizzy (The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy outside Europe) is a 1993 video game developed by Codemasters. It is the last game of the Oliver Twins' series released, and the only one not to be distributed for the ZX Spectrum, where the character originated. It was published to several platforms, including Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, NES, Amiga and DOS. The game is a mix of all games in the series previously released. In the game, the evil wizard Zaks cast an evil spell on the Yolkfolk, and kidnaps Dizzy's girlfriend Daisy, and it's up to Dizzy to undo Zaks' doings and rescue Daisy. The game is hard to qualify in a genre: while it seems a platform game, Dizzy is vulnerable to all kinds of enemies while unable to eliminate them, and puzzles are completed by bringing an object to a location (in the same fashion as Gods and adventure games), and also has to capture all 250 stars scattered in the game. It also has several arcade minigames based on older games in the series (like Bubble Dizzy).

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The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy - Cover Art

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