Heavy Unit

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How to play Heavy Unit

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Heavy Unit Description

Heavy Unit (ヘビーユニット? Hebii Yunitto) is a side scrolling shoot-em-up arcade game developed by Kaneko and published by Taito in 1988. It was ported to the PC Engine and Sega Mega Drive by Taito and was released on December 22 1989. There was also a Mega Drive port by Toho entitled "Heavy Unit: Mega Drive Special" released on December 26 1990. The player takes control of a star ship that can transform in to a mecha by obtaining a specific type of power up.

Set in 2013, Heavy Unit sees mankind's first artificial star, "Le Tau", come under attack from genetically modified monsters. The player must navigate a "Heavy Unit", a heavily armed, transforming mecha, in order to defeat the onslaught and protect the human colony.

Heavy Unit - additional information

Game year
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Also known as
"Heavy Unit: Mega Drive Special" -- Mega Drive title
"ヘビーユニット メガドライブ・スペシャル" -- Mega Drive Japanese spelling
Cover Art
Heavy Unit - Cover Art Sega Genesis