Hello Mr. President

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How to play Hello Mr. President

  • Select your political leader from the character menu, each with unique abilities and comedic fighting moves.
  • Use a combination of basic attacks and powerful specials unique to your chosen leader to defeat opponents.
  • Navigate through different levels, each representing different countries and political themes.
  • Win matches to progress, with each victory bringing humorous cutscenes that playfully poke fun at political events and figures.
  • Master the controls and timing of special moves to maximize damage and outmaneuver opponents.

Hello Mr. President Description

Hello Mr. President is an innovative and humorous fighting game released in 1994 for DOS platforms, uniquely blending political satire with classic versus fighting gameplay. Set in a fictional world where political leaders settle their disputes not in the conference room, but in the fighting arena, this game features a roster of caricatured world leaders with exaggerated traits and comical fighting styles. The side-scrolling perspective and vibrant, cartoonish graphics add to the game’s light-hearted appeal, making it a standout title in the fighting genre. Players can choose from various political figures, each equipped with their own ridiculous and over-the-top special moves that parody real-world politics.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Hello Mr. President

Learn the special moves of each character; knowing how to execute these properly can turn the tide of battle quickly. Take advantage of the environment in each level; some elements can be interacted with to cause additional damage. Use combos efficiently—chain basic attacks into specials for effective damage output. Pay attention to your and your opponent's stamina bar; managing your stamina wisely can prevent you from being vulnerable.

Hello Mr. President - additional information

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Introduction to "Hello Mr. President" (1994 DOS Game)

"Hello Mr. President," a 1994 DOS game developed in Korea, stands out from the typical strategy and simulation genre often associated with presidential themes. Instead, it presents itself as a humorous versus fighting game where players control caricatures of political leaders in satirical combat scenarios. This unique twist combines political satire with arcade-style fighting mechanics, creating an engaging and entertaining gameplay experience.

Gameplay Mechanics and Features

The gameplay of "Hello Mr. President" is rooted in the traditional fighting game format where two characters face off in a one-on-one battle, using a variety of moves to deplete the opponent's health bar. Each character in the game represents a different international political figure from the era, stylized in a caricature form that exaggerates their most recognizable features and traits.

Players can choose from a roster of leaders, each equipped with their own unique set of moves and special attacks that humorously reflect their real-life personas and political stereotypes. For example, a leader known for their economic policies might throw bags of money as projectiles, or a military-focused leader could use exaggerated weapons. The controls are straightforward, utilizing the keyboard for moves, attacks, and defensive actions, making it accessible to players of all skill levels.

Graphical Interface and Artistic Style

Visually, "Hello Mr. President" reflects the era's typical DOS game aesthetics with pixel art graphics. The game employs a vibrant and exaggerated art style to enhance its comedic tone. Character animations are deliberately over-the-top, aligning with the game’s light-hearted approach to political commentary.

The backdrops for the battles are similarly themed around global landmarks or settings that relate to each political figure, adding another layer of humor and context to the fights. These visuals, while simple, effectively contribute to the game's satirical narrative and make each political duel both amusing and memorable.

Cultural Impact and Legacy

While "Hello Mr. President" might not have had the widespread impact of mainstream fighting games, it occupies a niche space in the world of political satire in gaming. It serves as an early example of how video games can use humor and exaggeration to comment on real-world figures and events. This game precedes more contemporary political satire games, offering a light-hearted way to poke fun at political figures without delving into serious commentary.

Similar Games for Fans of Humorous Fighting Titles

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"Hello Mr. President" (1994 DOS game) offers a unique and playful take on the fighting game genre by incorporating political satire into its core mechanics. With its humorous depiction of world leaders and straightforward fighting dynamics, it provides not only entertainment but also a quirky commentary on political figures. This game is a must-try for those who enjoy a good laugh with their gameplay, especially within the context of early 90s arcade-style fighting games.


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