Premier Manager 2

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Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.


This football management game features all five national English leagues. The player begins the game managing one of the teams in the Conference, with the ultimate goal of trying to reach the Premier league and win European competitions, either by improving your current club or doing well enough to earn job offers elsewhere.

Each match involves selecting the team, and choose a formation and a set of match tactics - intensity of tackling, height and length of passes, and shooting range could all be varied. In total there are almost 500 permutations of these options, as well as 18 basic formations.

The game's transfer system involves making a financial offer to both club and payer and hoping that no other club offered more. Players whose contracts have expired can be signed for no club fee - so make sure all your players are under contract.

The player must also to negotiate sponsorship deals, plan ground improvements, ensure that injured players got the right treatment, set up training schedules, and hire backroom staff (such as coaches and scouts).


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Game year: 
Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.
Developed by: 
Realms of Fantasy
Premier Manager 2 DOS Cover Art
Also known as: 
"Premier Manager II" -- In-game title
"Premier Manager 2: The New Season" -- Amiga Box Title

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