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How to play Zillion

Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Zillion Description

Zillion is a space adventure platform video game designed for the Sega Master System as a companion for the Zillion anime in 1987. The game is a free-scrolling platform/adventure in the vein of Metroid. It also has objects to be inspected and the necessity of enable things by accessing codes in vein of Impossible Mission. A sequel to the game, Zillion II: The Triformation was also released.

Zillion is a game where you play the role of JJ. The mission was to retrieve the 5 floppy disks from the Norsa Forces base on Planet X, find his missing partners Apple and Champ, and destroy the Norsa base by entering a code in its mainframe. JJ is dropped off by the ship, after he reaches the underground base at the initial part of the game, the rest of the game would take place indoors underground. He would not emerge on top again until the end of the game, or in case he is in need of life replenishment. The life replenishment procedure can be repeated as many times as needed. In the ship there is Emy, the fourth member of the team.

Some of the obstacles of the missions include tripwires, enemy guards, laser turrets and forcefields. The game style includes entering and exiting room to room in the base and unlocking each room with computer ID cards and inputing the correct code, which four parts are is shown by investigating broken machines. Some will be reusable, others will be eaten up by the machines. Aside from unlocking rooms, the player has also the option to make specific actions, such as turn off barriers, deactivate traps, or even commit suicide, among others. One of the codes is the one needed to self-destruct the Norsa base.

JJ carries a gun which was used as a design model for the Sega Master System Light Phaser. It would also be his main weapon in the game. As the game progresses, the gun will become stronger allowing JJ to break capsules containing codes for the computers or powerups. The zillion gun has 3 levels. JJ begins with a gun of level one.

Once rescued, the player can also play as Apple and Champ, each one with its own differences; Apple is fast but is weaker with a gun of level one and Champ is slower but stronger with a gun of level 3. Like JJ, they can also upgrade their gun power and get items for themselves, upgrating their life, jump and speed.

Zillion prominently features the egg-shaped character, Opa-opa. This character is a Sega tie-in to the Fantasy Zone games also available for the Sega Master System.

The game is well known for a variety of "special messages" that can be received if the player inputs certain codes in certain rooms.

A bug in the game allows a player to reenter the base after it is destroyed with all robots and defense mechanisms deactivated. The player must escape the base and wait for the explosion which seals the entrance. Then, instead of returning to the mothership, the player must walk out of sight of the base entrance and then back towards the central elevator hatch. The elevator hatch will then reappear, albeit without the elevator. The player is then able to jump down the shaft into the base, but is now trapped there since there is no way to get back to the surface without a working elevator.[citation needed]

Another bug in the game allows you to become invincible in certain rooms, including the very first room, by taking damage as you enter the console and putting in the suicide code. However this will mean you cannot use the pause button to change characters once they become available.

During the gameplay there is music from the "Akai Koudan Zillion - LET IT ROCK!" album from the Akai Koudan Zillion anime. On exiting the ship and until JJ enters the zillion maze the song "Pure Stone" plays. This song also plays on the intro of the game, after the "Sega" label goes off. While being in maze the song "Break a trap for yourself" (by Yasuhiko) plays. On entering a computer this sound stops. Having won, while the titles of the staff appear, the song "Push" plays. The song "Pure Stone" plays during the beginning of the anime while the "Push" by Lisa Yuuki as well, during the ending.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Zillion

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Zillion - additional information

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"赤い光弾 ジリオン" -- Japanese spelling
"Akai Koudan Zillion" -- Japanese title
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