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Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Before starting a track, the player will be asked to answer a security question from the game's manual. The answers are here provided:

For Stunts, version 1.1 (2/12/91)

Page Line Word Question
1 12 2 ...and *destructive* stunts that can smash your car...
2 8 1 *race* on the standard track by clicking on the car...
3 2 1 *track* selection screen. Your goal is to be on it.
3 13 4 In addition, *previewing* might give you a better...
4 4 4 ...time than missing *three* pieces of regular...
4 8 1 *proper* direction. If you get on the track...
5 12 3 hit the *cables* and crash...
6 3 7 while you are driving through the *loop*...
6 5 8 ...more than *110* MPH
7 2 1 *displaying* the current car, an acceleration curve...
7 5 7 ...retail price), and a set of *buttons*.
8 5 7 Just your everyday type of vehicle. *You*...
9 3 9 Interrupted while driving with a *query*
10 3 5 ...your driving performance. This *button* is...
10 6 1 *camera* mode while in this viewing mode.
11 2 1 *directory*. Highlight the desired replay...
12 2 1 *around*, you can choose to race any one at a time.
13 4 11 ...bird's eye view of the *currently*...
14 6 1 *selected* piece is the area upon which it...


In Stunts, players race a lap around the circuit, with the aim of completing the lap as quickly as possible without crashing. However, these laps often feature special track areas such as loops, jumps (including over tall buildings), slalom roads and corkscrews. The game area is restricted by a large fixed size square area defined and surrounded by a fence which the player can not leave. Players can either race against the clock or choose between six different opponents; there is no support for real-time multiplayer. Stunts features 11 different drivable cars, with either automatic or manual transmission. Replays of races can be saved and reviewed. There are four camera views available during replay and actual driving, and the dashboard is an optional overlay on all views. Another major feature of the game is the built-in track and terrain editor which allows the user to design arbitrary new tracks or modifications of existing tracks.

The cars can drive on paved roads, gravel roads, icy/snow roads, and grass if driving off the track — which all offer different levels of grip. The game has a relatively advanced pseudo-physics engine for its time which can simulate oversteer and understeer, and driving through a banked corner gives the car more grip. The graphics are a combination of 3D polygons and sprites with no textures, running in 320×200 with 256 colors. There is an option to select high and low detail. The game is written for MS-DOS and executes in real mode.

Stunts includes a form of copy protection. Each time after running the program, players must complete a specific phrase found in the game manual before being allowed to race. If the player fails to complete the phrase three times, the next race will still load. However, approximately four seconds into the race, the player is informed that he or she did not deactivate the car's security system, the car crashes, and the player is returned to the main menu.

ZakStunts is an online competition for Stunts / 4D Sport Driving. Players can race on a track, save a replay in game, and submit it to our scoreboards. For more information visit:


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Stunts - Box Cover art DOS

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