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Witchaven is a PC game released in 1995 for MS-DOS systems. It utilized an early version of 3D Realms' Build Engine. Although technically a first person shooter, the game had distinct role-playing and fantasy elements to it, including character progression and a focus on hand-to-hand combat.

The player takes on the role of a knight named Grondovol, who has been chosen by Lord VerKapheron to travel to the volcanic island of Char and storm the Witchaven, a massive subterranean maze carved out underneath Lord VerKapheron's keep years ago by the witch Illwheryn. Illwheryn and the rest of the witches seek to lift a dimensional barrier known as the Veil, which separates our Universe from a chaotic void known as the Nether Reaches, in order to allow denizens of the Nether Reaches traversal into the Prime Realms. Illwheryn comes from the Nether Reaches herself, and since it is also the source of her power, her strength is greatly reduced in the Prime Realms and dwindles daily. However, each day brings her closer to creating a permenant portal through the Veil.


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Capstone Software
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