Chiki Chiki Boys

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How to play Chiki Chiki Boys

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Chiki Chiki Boys Description

Mega Twins (チキチキボーイズ Chiki Chiki Bōizu, Chiki Chiki Boys in Japan) is an arcade game by Capcom, first released in 1990. The game features two twins who are attempting to re-take control of their land, Alurea, after a monster unexpectedly attacks, destroying everything in its path. The people of Alurea have lived in peace for a thousand years and have forgotten how to fight, yet the land's only survivors, the twin sons of the king, must take up the challenge and return their kingdom to its former glory.

The two twins, aged around 15 at the time the game takes place, venture forth in search of a legendary stone known as "Dragon Blue Eyes," which is rumored to be able to put everything back to rights.

Chiki Chiki Boys - additional information

Game year
Developed by
Also known as
"Mega Twins" -- European Arcade / Atari ST title
"チキチキボーイズ" -- Japanese spelling
Chiki Chiki Bōizu
Cover Art
Chiki Chiki Boys - Cover Art Sega Genesis