Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain!

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How to play Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain!

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain! Description

Treasure Mountain! is an educational adventure game whose objective is to find the hidden treasures and return them to the chest in the castle at the very top of the mountain.

The game takes place in a magical realm called Treasure Mountain. As the game opens, the Master of Mischief, a common antagonist of The Learning Company's Super Solvers series and Treasure series, steals the kingdom's crown and hides all of the castle's treasures. The player takes on the roll of the Super Seeker, whose job is to find the treasures and remove the Master of Mischief from the throne.

The mountain itself consists of three levels. The player cannot climb higher until he has found the key to unlock the next level. To find the key, the player must get clues about its location by answering elves' riddles. If the player captures an elf carrying a scroll with his net and answers the riddle correctly, he will receive a clue- a number, shape, or description about where the key to the next level is hidden.

In the background, there are several groups of objects that each have a distinct characteristics that can be matched to the clues. The player may search behind these objects by dropping a magic coin. If the objects match all three clues, the player will find the key to the next level. If the objects match two out of the three clues, the player will find one of the stolen treasures.

After finding the key on each of the three levels of the mountain, he can enter the castle. At this point, the player must climb up a maze of ladders, avoiding the Master of Mischief, who tries to knock the player off. Once the player reaches the top, he deposits all treasures found into the castle's treasure chest and is given a prize as a reward for completing the three stages. This prize is kept on display in the player's clubhouse, showing how many times he has ascended the mountain. From this point, the player may exit the clubhouse and start again from the bottom of the mountain.

When the player deposits a certain number of treasures in the castle's treasure chest, the player will go up a star rank. At higher ranks, the game becomes harder, as there will be more treasures to find, harder riddles to answer, and elves that steal magical coins.

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