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How to play Stars!

Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Stars! Description

Stars! was developed by Jeff Johnson and Jeff McBride ("the Jeffs") for their own use, and initially released as shareware. A retail version was later produced for, and published by Empire Interactive, although the shareware version continued. More recently the game has been sold as part of the Xplosiv budget games range.

The game was originally developed in 1995, with version 2.0 released early in 1996. Later that year the newsgroup became active, facilitating public discussion of tactics and allowing players to find new games. By the end of 1996 shareware version 2.60 had been released, and the game has remained essentially unchanged ever since, although there have been numerous updates. Version 2.70 is also available; version 2.70 is the retail version, whilst version 2.60 is the shareware version. The only difference between the versions is that the retail version has sounds during battles. The most recent patch version, 2.60j RC4 (release candidate 4) was released in December 2000. Versions 2.60 and 2.70 are compatible as long as the minor version letter is the same (eg: 2.60i can play with 2.70i players).

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