Kung Fu Louie vs. The Martial Art Posse

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How to play Kung Fu Louie vs. The Martial Art Posse

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Kung Fu Louie vs. The Martial Art Posse Description

In the history of the New York City brawls, groups of vigilantes, gangbangers, and renegades, otherwise known as ruthless streetfighters, stormed the neighborhoods. Through constant battles and rumbles, the leaders arose, bringing anew breed of mayhem to the streets.
Karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, shinobi-jutsu/ninjutsu, and all other martial arts quickly became influenced with the "art" of streetfighting. Soon, corrupted masters and students began to take control of the streets.
Arthur, a villainous karateka, was the most feared leader of all New York City. Rumors tell us that he was the only survivor of the "Get You Suckas" Brawl that took place about three years ago. As that survivor of an almost defeated streetgang, he was jumped by approximately 30 mostly-armed members of the opposing gangs. He took on and defeated all 30 opponents... with only his "panther-strike" hands and lightning-quick feet. Soon after, many members of all other groups deserted their gangs and friends to join Arthur, aka "Martial Art." Thus, this new band of renegades and vigilantes becomes "The Martial Art Posse."

June, 1979. Miyakonojo, on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. The day was hot and humid, with a tinge of rain near the tip of the legendary mountain, Sobo Zan. Louis kneeled in meditation. Tiny droplets of sweat and blood dripped from his face and neck. This was the test of the Fourth Level, the last test before becoming Master.

He has already fought and defeated 19 black-belt karatekas continuously, and it is time for his last full-contact, one-on-one battle.
Kneeling in attention near the back of the dojo was Arthur. He has also completed his fight with the black-belts. However, during his last confrontation, his opponent was knocked down and out from one of Arthur's illegal attack
"Arthur-san!" ordered the Master. "Prepare to fight last battle. Between you two, we shall decide who will reach Fourth Level. Set... Kiai!" A flurry of punches and kicks were exchanged between Louis and Arthur. This was the longest match displayed, with neither opponent backing down. However, it seemed that Louis was winning the match. With one good opening, Louis executed a beautiful spinning hook kick to Arthur's head, sending Arthur down to his knees, dazed and defeated on the canvas.
The match was over. Louis had won and achieved the Fourth Level. Arthur, in disgrace, thought to himself, "This is not the end, Louie. I'm going to be the master. I'm gonna reach the Fourth and Final Level my own way. Soon."
Ten years later, the Master, now old and weak, decides to resign from his title. Louie, living in the United States as a third-degree black belt, learns of this news and rushes over to Japan to meet him. "I shall bring you back to the States and take care of you there, Master," says Louie.
Arthur, a Karate Master of his own style, dominates the neighborhoods of New York City. He, too, discovers of his Master's weakening. `Martial Art' exclaims to his students, "Bring the old man to me. I shall soon be the Master of Japan as well!"
Leaving the Master unguarded for a few moments, Martial Art's students seize him from Louie's domain and bring him to an unnamed, condemned hotel building. "Come and get him, Kung Fu Louie! We'll see who's the real master now!"

The story continues as you (Kung Fu Louie) enters the park. From here, you will be faced with many different opponents of the Martial Art Posse in many different environments. Fight them hard and crazy with your hands and feet to outdo each opponent and advanced from level to level, until you come face-to-face with your ultimate challenger, Martial Art.

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